Arm Pain Relief

Arm pain relief mainly builds on massage, relaxation, range of motion and stretching exercises.




Range Of Motion And Stretching

And Strengthening?


Massage plays one of the most important roles in relieving pain in your arm. Especially massage of the muscles surrounding your neck and shoulder is vital. This is because the nerve pathways innervating your arm are running closely to your neck and shoulder muscles.

The muscles in those area are known to irritate the nervous system and to create arm pain when they are too tight and/or contain trigger and tender points. Pain from trigger points is called referred pain because one or more seemingly unrelated muscles of your shoulder send pain into your arm.

With massage you will relax your muscles. You will work on the responsible ones, free them from tender and/or trigger points and stop the irritation of your nervous system.

To find out what muscles could be responsible for your pain, choose one of the symptoms of arm pain and learn about the muscles that are listed there. Of course, I will also teach you how to massage those muscles.

By now you know that you can relax your muscles by massaging them. But this relaxation will be transient. To restore normal muscle tension in the long run, you have to practice relaxation exercises.

Arm Pain Relief And Relaxation

Relaxation exercises will help you to restore a physiological muscle tension.

As you already learned that very often your shoulder and neck muscles are involved in arm pain, it is just logic to bring them back to a normal tension. So, when doing relaxation exercises in order to get arm pain relief, you will work a lot on your shoulders. Visit the shoulder exercise section to practice some of the best shoulder relaxation exercises available.

Additionally you will relax the muscles of your arms and hands.

On top, I have written an article about how relaxation exercises work and why they are so important.

Relief Of Arm Pain: Range Of Motion And Stretching

Beside relaxation exercises, stretching and range of motion exercises are a great way to free your joints and to relax your muscles. As with relaxation, your main focus will be on your shoulder muscles, due to the reasons already stated. This is why I recommend to check out the shoulder stretching and range of motion exercises presented here on Painotopia.

For a deeper understanding about the topic, I recommend reading my articles about stretching and range of motion exercises.

Arm Pain And Strength Training

Strengthening plays more a preventional rather than rehabilitational role in arm pain relief. That means you should not start to strengthen your arms before your condition did not improve drastically.

And when you start, it is of major importance to start out very slow, to take your time and to increase weights and resistance only by small amounts. Often it is kind of a trial and error play. You do some exercises and see how your body responds. Then you choose to back off a little bit or to continue.

But as soon as you feel that your body responds positively to strengthening exercises, you should stick with them. They will make you stronger and less susceptible to arm pain, at least as long as you simultaneously stick with your stretching and relaxation routines.

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