Arm Pain Relief

If you are suffering from arm pain, you came to the right place. You will learn about its most common causes and what to do to get relief.


Symptoms And Relief

Pain In Upper Arm

Forearm Muscle Pain



I want to give you one important tip ahead.

Never give up and persist. I had pain in my arms and it took me years to recover from it because so few therapists know about the things you will read here on Painotopia. Still, over time I found the information I needed and made it.

Just imagine, at some point it was even too much for me to grab a cup out of the dish washer! But I never really wanted to accept that, and I am glad I never did. Now I am in control of my body and I do not hold on to a cup but onto very small crimps in rock climbing. And I enjoy it a lot as I feel no more pain in my arms.

Now it is your turn to get yourself out of pain!

Symptoms And Relief Of Arm Pain

Below you see two links that will lead you to two common symptoms that people experience when their arms are in pain. Click on them in order to get relief.

I did not list elbow pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome as I will discuss them separately.

Relieve Pain In Upper Arm

Relieve Forearm Muscle Pain

Causes Of Arm Pain

I have already covered the general causes of muscle and joint pain, which are overuse of muscles and the resulting change - mostly elevation - in muscle tension.

If you already read this article, you will just fly over the next one, and learn why your arm might hurt. I kept it very short and only added a few important details.

The Basics Of Arm Pain Relief 

Relief is based on massage, relaxation, range of motion and stretching exercises. Strengthening on the other hand plays definitely a preventional role. That means you should not do it until your condition improved significantly. And then, start out very slow, always train in the pain free range and listen to your bodies reactions after the training.

Of course the same applies to ALL exercises - massage, relaxation, stretching, etc. -. Always listen to your bodies reactions and adjust the training to fit your needs.

After some type of exercise...

  • You feel a little pain but it vanishes very soon and you start to feel better!? Great!
  • You are in pain!? Dump it, do less of it or return to it in some time. Do something less stressing!
  • You feel it is helping a lot?! Awesome. Do more of it and see what happens! Also try other exercises of the same type.
  • You feel nothing is changing!? That is not good, nor is it bad. Do it more consciously. Also try other types of exercise. See what fits your needs best. You are in charge! 

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