Causes Of Neck Pain

In this article I will discuss further causes of neck pain. It is part II of the series and complements part I. If you are pressed for time or want to get started with the work on your neck right away, proceed with neck pain relief.

Do not be startled about the facts I will lay out below. For some people it is hard to accept their simplicity. I hope you like the article and know the next time why you are suffering from neck pain.


Non-Ergonomic Computer/TV Positioning

Non-Ergonomic Reading Positions

Cold Air

Limited Range Of Motion In The Shoulder

Causes Of Neck Pain: Non-Ergonomic Computer/TV Positioning

Positioning of your computer or TV in a way that you have to turn your head in order to see the screen will sooner or later lead to neck problems.

To turn your head, especially your trapezius muscle has to contract. That is no problem as long as this motion gets not repeated over and over again or if the neck rotation is not permanent. However,  nowadays we spend an incredible amount of time in front of our computers and TVs. If those devices are not placed properly, this will leave some of your neck muscles contracted/shortened while staring on the screen.

It is just a matter of time till the rotator muscles of your neck will become too tight, tender or may even develop trigger points and leave your neck in pain.

Furthermore, try to properly adjust the height of your desk chair. Your forearms should be nicely supported on the desk or the armrests without leaving your shoulders shrugged or hanging loose. Otherwise your neck muscles will be either shortened - shrugged shoulders - or under tension - no elbow/arm support -  all the time. Again, this will tighten up your neck muscles. It is really just a matter of time.  

This is why I really recommend to pay attention on your office and living room ergonomics. Place your TV and computer in a way that does not make your head turn, and support your forearms/elbows properly when sitting at the desk. This way you will minimize the stress on your neck muscles.

Causes Of Neck Pain: Non-Ergonomic Reading Positions

Reading with a round back and your neck shifted and tilted forwards should be avoided by any means. It leaves lots of your neck muscles, especially your splenius cervicis and levator muscle contracted as they will stabilize your neck in this position to work against its weight.

Mostly, this becomes too much pretty quick for those muscles. You feel it then as a slight tightness in your neck after a long day at the desk. Over time, the tightness becomes painful every now and then and eventually you will suffer from neck pain.

So, try to become aware of your reading posture and fight this nasty habit of shifting your head forwards when reading. If you spend lots of time reading, you might even consider using a reading stand.

Also massage the muscles of your neck - you will find them in the “neck pain relief section” - and practice neck relaxation and stretching exercises frequently.

Causes Of Neck Pain: Cold Air

When you expose your neck to too much cold air - especially when sweaty - there is a chance that your neck muscles tighten up and give you a stiff neck. This one in turn can trouble you for a couple of days or even weeks. It can happen to you even in summer time. An example might be riding your bike or motor bike - do not underestimate wind-chill - without protecting your neck. An open window in the car displays a similar scenario. 

Here it is not only about the outside temperature but about the temperature difference between your skin and the air.

A scarf or a jacket that protects your neck can provide a remedy. Keeping that in mind, you can protect yourself pretty good from a stiff neck. 

Causes Of Neck Pain: Limited Range Of Motion In The Shoulder

A limited range of motion and/or stiffness in your shoulder can contribute or even cause neck pain and is mostly caused by tight muscle tissue in this area.

Causes Of Neck Pain: Limited Range Of Motion In The Shoulder

A limited range of motion and/or stiffness in your shoulder can contribute or even cause neck pain and is mostly caused by tight muscle tissue in this area.

Why? First of all, several shoulder muscles not only attach at your shoulder but also at your cervical spine. Knowing this, it becomes obvious that tightness in those muscles will not only affect your shoulder but also transmits tension upwards into the region of your neck.

When muscles are too tight, they disturb the muscle - joint balance by pulling too much or too less on certain parts of the affected joints. This can create pain. Beside that, it is a fact that tight and tender muscles can cause muscle pain.

Additionally, it is possible that excessive muscle tension in your shoulder irritates your nervous system which in turn sends pain to your neck. An example is your infraspinatus muscle, that can do that if it is too tight.

What to do about that? Keep your muscles smooth via massage and practice shoulder range of motion and relaxation exercises to eliminate that nasty tension in your shoulders and your neck.

This was part II of the series.

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