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Relieve your elbow pain by following the instructions on this website. Do not waste your time with expensive painkillers or braces if it is not necessary. In the vast majority, exercise of self massage and relaxation exercises brings fast relief, and often cure in the long run.

All you have to do, is to invest some time in learning to massage yourself and doing the right exercises. Time invested in learning this skill, is time invested well. Moreover it is not as difficult as you might think.


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Symptoms And Relief Of Elbow Pain

The most common symptoms that people experience with a painful elbow are:

  • Elbow tendon pain
  • Sharp pain in the elbow
  • Pain during closing the hand and making a fist, respectively.
  • Pain during opening the hand
  • Pain when using a keyboard
  • Pain when lifting objects – e.g. box of water –
  • A weak grip
  • Difficulties to grab objects – e.g. cup, basket, …–
  • Soreness when bending or extending the elbow

The symptoms in terms of the location of the pain boil down to lateral epicondylar pain, medial epicondylar pain, antecubital pain and olecranon pain – pictures below –.

For a better understanding, I used more common terms and divided them into the following categories

Tennis elbow – lateral epicondylar pain –
Golfers elbow
– medial epicondylar pain –

Elbow joint pain – antecubital AND olecranon pain -

Numerous muscles can be responsible for those symptoms if they are too tight. The good news however are, that I will show what muscles can cause what symptom and how to relieve them. Just click below on the headline or picture of the symptom that comes closest to your pain.

Golfers Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Elbow Joint Pain Relief

Causes Of Elbow Pain

The most common cause of an elbow ache is an abuse of your body and its muscles. The reason for this is, that this abuse leads to tight muscle tissue and trigger points. Both are known to be the most frequent initiators of muscle and joint pain.

Ignorance of that fact often leads to false diagnoses.

The interesting point is that both sedentary as well as very active people are at risk of developing a painful elbow. This is because both, inactivity and too much unbalanced activity are detrimental conditions for our muscles.

Thus the following events and activities can be causes for an elbow ache.

  • Desk work – especially lots of typewriting and computer work – 
  • Gardening
  • Plumbing
  • Sports that require forceful, chronic and/or repetitive gripping motions

Intentionally I did not list elbow tendonitis or any other inflammatory conditions of the elbow ligaments. First of all they do not display causes but conditions themselves and secondly they are mostly the end result of muscular overuse and/or abuse.

Elbow Pain Treatment Options

Sometimes the symptoms improve over time without treatment, but in the vast majority this is not the case.

Treatment options include

  • Physical Therapy, which usually consists of massage and mobilization work
  • Application of ice on the painful spots
  • Unloading the ligaments at your elbow through taping or elbow braces
  • Use of anti-inflammatory medication
  • Steroid injections
  • Surgery

Usually, massage is the most efficient AND effective way to relieve most elbow aches. Still, it only works if applied frequently – best, daily! – and over a longer period of time – weeks –. Additionally, the massage has to be precise and has to tackle the affected muscles that trigger the pain. Otherwise it is wasted time.

The good part is, that you can learn to massage yourself and thus save yourself lots of time and money. Eventually there is a big chance that you will end up being able to stop your elbow ache yourself.

Icing, taping, using elbow braces and taking pain-killers usually doesn't bring relief in the long run. The reason for this is that those treatments do not tackle the real cause of the problem. Still, they can be used for support.

Steroid injections and surgery are drastic interventions and should only be considered if all other treatments failed. Steroid injections can, if administered too often, attack your ligaments and tendons and thus weaken them.

Prevention Of Elbow Pain

Pain in the elbow can be prevented. The key to success lies in keeping your muscles smooth via massage, relaxation and stretching exercises.

Self massage isn't only a great rehabilitation tool but also brilliant for prevention. Use it whenever you feel your muscles are getting tight or sore.

If you have no more pain, it also helps to strengthen your upper arm and forearm muscles as strong and healthy muscles – smooth instead of rigid – are not that prone to trouble you. 

With weak muscles you are at a higher risk of elbow pain as they are more susceptible to trigger points than strong muscles. Still, it is wrong to believe that you have to strengthen your muscles in order to relieve your pain. The first step is always the elimination of excessive muscle tension.

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