Shaking Arms Shoulder Relaxation Exercise

The Shaking Arms is a shoulder relaxation exercise that releases tension in your shoulder girdle and your arms. It is easy to execute and just takes a few minutes.

Use this exercise to get rid of unnecessary tension in your shoulder and arm muscles. I recommend  doing it after stretching or massaging your shoulders, as then it has an even stronger effect.

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Movement Description

What To Watch Out For

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One thing is to say ahead. This exercise is pretty easy. Still, to get the most out of it, make sure to take your time and do not hurry. So, find a calm and quiet place to perform the Shaking Arms.

Movement Description

Stand upright and then bend over. Let your arms hang loose. Now start to shake your arms in an alternating manner. Do this for about 10 seconds.

Then rest for at least another 30 seconds in the bent over position. You may even rest for a minute or two. This rest is the actual shoulder relaxation exercise. Shaking your arms is just the preliminary work you have to do.

After getting back into the starting position, take a little break and then repeat the Shaking Arms.

What To Watch Out For

As I said, REST! During the rest, let gravity pull on your shoulders. With each breathe, let your shoulders sink down a bit more - but do not bend over any further -.

Feel how your shoulder blades are drifting apart and do not resist this tendency. Let it happen and relax the muscles between them.

Feel the blood that is rushing into your arms and fingers and try to consciously relax those areas.

After getting back into the starting position, slightly move your shoulders and try to detect differences. How do your shoulders feel now and how do they move compared to before the exercise? Find attributes that adequately describe your feelings and sensations.

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