Shoulder Blade Stretch

This shoulder blade stretch is, if done right, a superb way to release tension on and between the lower parts of your shoulder blades.

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Movement Description

What To Watch Out For

Movement Description

Step 1

Stand upright, arms spread to the side, palms facing downwards.

Step 2

Now lower your arms, crossing the left one over the right one.

Step 3

Then bring them together, with the palms touching each other. If you are currently not flexible enough to do that, do not stress yourself. Instead, just grab your fingers. If that is also not suitable for you, you may even use a towel for help.

Step 4

Now lift and push your elbows upwards and forwards until you feel the stretch. You should feel it on and/or between your shoulder blades, respectively.

Remain in this position for at least 5 deep and calm breaths. Then slowly unwind and rest. Feel how gravity pulls on your shoulder and do not resist this pull.

Now repeat the stretch on the other side.

What To Watch Out For

Relax into the stretch and do not tighten up. To do so, breathe slow and release tension in your eyes, your tongue and your face.

Really lift and push your elbows upwards and forwards. Only this way your shoulder blades will rotate in a way that stretches the surrounding muscles properly. So, this is really mandatory for this stretch. Still, do not force it. Just lift and push until you feel a comfortable stretch.  

Focus on the tightest areas. Feel where the most tension is created during the stretch and try to consciously release it through focusing on it.

After the shoulder blade stretch, relax and feel into your body. Look out for sensations. Slowly move your shoulder and compare it to your opposite one. Which one moves smoother? Compare and try to detect differences, and focus on them. This way you help your body to detect and eliminate excessive muscle tension.

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