Shoulder Coordination Exercise

This shoulder coordination exercise will free your shouldes in no time. It is really one of the best shoulder range of motion exercises I know of.

The first couple of times you do this exercise, it may be that you will struggle a little bit with the movement itself. This is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Just take your time and practice frequently. Soon, you will have got the knack of it.

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What To Watch Out For

Movement Description

What To Watch Out For

  • Your palm is always facing upwards
  • Center your shoulder during the movement and pull your shoulder blade slightly towards your hips 
  • Try to move in an effortless and smooth way
  • Experiment with different speeds of movement execution
  • Focus on your chest

Movement Description - Right Side -

Step 1

Stand with your knees slightly bent but do not push them forward. Keep them directly over your ankle. Your elbow is bent in front of your body, your palm is facing upwards and your fingers are pointing to the left.

Step 2

Pull your elbow to the right, then extent it with an inward rotation so that your fingers are now pointing to the right, too - your palm is still facing upwards -.

Step 3

Raise your arm over head level and pull it over to the left side. Your fingers are now facing to the left side and your forearm is located directly over your head. Note: Your palms are still facing upwards.

Step 4

Now pull your forearm backwards and your elbow to the right.

Then rotate your shoulder in a way that your fingers are pointing to the right side, then extend your arm.

This is the most important move in the whole exercise. Slow down and really concentrate on the tension in your chest which is created with that movement. It is really vital for the effect of this exercise.

Step 5

Now bring your arm to the left side again at the height of your shoulder and let your fingers point to the left side. Then move into the starting position and repeat this shoulder coordination exercise 10 times.

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