Shoulder Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Relief

In most cases, shoulder joint pain can be relieved by some simple self massage techniques.

The following two videos will guide you through some self massage techniques that are extremely powerful when it comes to relieve your shoulder pain.

Watch them now and simultaneously do the massage. All you need is a tennis ball, or something similar. The time you invest in watching my videos will be time invested well, I promise. After you have done so, your following massage sessions will only take a fraction of the time it took you to watch the videos.

Just click and get started with your shoulder pain relief!


Relief: Video



Pain In Front Of Shoulder

Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Shoulder Blade Pain

Relief: What's Important?

Shoulder Pain Relief Video I covers massage of the

Shoulder Pain Relief II: Here you will massage your

Do you have shoulder joint pain and do not get relief?

If so, you are not alone and there is a big chance that you will now read about things that could help you on your way to get pain free again.

Especially if you “just” overworked your shoulder or stressed it somehow too much.

If you really smashed it and now have some structural damages, it might be a different story.

Still I want to encourage you to read on as this does not mean that you will not get any help here. It may just take some more time. This section mainly deals with shoulder joint pain which is caused by bad habits – like training too hard/unbalanced/without sufficient rest periods etc. – which in turn affect your muscles. By working your muscles you will not heal damaged structures like cartilage BUT you still can improve your condition.

Why? When you get surgery after a bad accident – let us assume you crashed your bike and tore apart your shoulder ligaments –, that surgery will affect the surrounding muscles and connective tissue. That means double stress on your tissues: First they were put under lots of stress during the accident and again when the structures got put back together by surgery.

This often leaves people with super tight muscles and connective tissue at the shoulder joint as the shoulder muscles want to protect it by tightening up. This in turn means that working those muscles, trying to relax them and get them to work again in a normal way, may help you to ease some of your pain. This is because tight muscles are able to give you muscle and joint pain – you will learn more about that in the articles below –.

Beside the possibility of releasing some of your pain, normalizing muscle tension – you will do that with massage and relaxation exercises – also helps to normalize joint load. Tight muscles slightly pull the joint out of its optimal position and thus change force distribution. Over time this leads to faster aging/degradation of the joint. With an already damaged shoulder as a result of an accident you may want a lot, but surely not a faster degeneration, right?

One Tip Ahead

Read through the next paragraphs without clicking on any links. Do not get off track – even if it is tempting – and read to the end of this page. It will not take that long anyway. Then come back and explore the subjects that are most relevant to you.

Causes Of Shoulder Joint Pain

The actions, movements, sports, habits etc. that can be responsible for your shoulder joint pain are high in number. I have already covered the general causes of muscle and joint pain here which of course, also pertain in this case.

The following two articles just dig a little deeper and will give you some examples of causes of shoulder pain in sports and shoulder pain causes in activities of daily living.

Shoulder Joint Pain: Symptoms

Not everyone with a troubling shoulder experiences the same symptoms. Ten people might have a troubling shoulder, but everyone also might name or show you a different location when you ask them to point out where it hurts. By clicking on the links below you will mainly learn what muscles can be responsible for the respective symptom and how to get relief.

Note: The pictures below display only an indication of the pain zone. Choose the picture/symptom that comes closest to your pain and you are likely to be fine.

Relieve Pain In Front Of Shoulder

Relieve Pain Between Shoulder Blades

   Relieve Shoulder Blade Pain

Relief Of Shoulder Joint Pain: What's Important?

As for most conditions presented on Painotopia, relief of shoulder joint pain builds on massage, relaxation, mobility and strengthening. While the order of the first three is not neccesarily fixed - still, massage is the most important in the beginning -, strengthening comes last. In the first place it is more important to normalize muscle tension via massage and relaxation and to restore a normal range of motion with mobility exercises. On top, mobility exercises will also slightly increase your strength.

So let us start. The massage part of the specific muscles is covered in the symptoms section - above -. Click on your symptom to learn there about muscles that can trigger shoulder joint pain and how to massage them. Do it now, it is vital for your relief! If you are pressed for time, watch the videos at the top of this page.

By clicking on the following link you will be lead to some exceptional exercises for your shoulder.

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