Shoulder Relaxation Exercises

The shoulder relaxation exercises on Painotopia will normalize the muscle tension in your shoulder girdle. In the vast majority this will mean a reduction in muscle tension.

This is a short introduction article and will be a good guidance on your way to relaxed shoulders. But if you cannot wait and want to get started right away, click here to get to the exercises.

The presented exercises consist of coordination and massage exercises. While each of those two are fundamentally different in their execution and type of movement, both have some things in common.

For a start, both act on your nervous system, which is the reason why they can lower your muscle tension as your nervous system is in charge for its control.

Furthermore, both types should be done slow and without hurry. Only this way you will maximize their effects and get the desired results.


Massage Exercises

Coordinative Exercises

Important Note

Massage Exercises

Massage, if done precisely - not just uncoordinated rubbing - on tender muscles is a great way to relax them. But even though it can reduce muscular tension, it does not tackle the primary cause of excessive muscle tension - also read my article “causes of muscle and joint pain” -.

Additionally the reduction in tension is transient. Still it can be of major importance as muscular tension often cannot be relieved just with coordinative relaxation exercises. In this case, muscles and your nervous system need the mechanic stress of massage to recognize excessive tension, and in turn to release it. 

Furthermore, it is a great way to prepare you for the coordinative relaxation exercises as you will feel the treated area more intense/present than normally. In other words, massage helps to raise your awareness of the treated structure.

Note: The massage techniques in the shoulder exercise section work the major muscles of your shoulder. It is a great way to get a quick reduction in muscle tension. Still, in most of the cases it does not replace the very specific massage on selected muscles in order to get a pain free shoulder.

For that specific work, visit the shoulder pain section and select the symptom you are suffering from. Then follow the instructions and learn about the muscles that may be responsible for your pain. Surely, it is way more work BUT I promise you that you will gain lots of new and brilliant information.

So, keep your head up and take your time.

Coordinative Exercises

The coordinative shoulder relaxation exercises really work on your nervous system, and in the long run will leave you with a normalized muscle tension. This in turn will lead to pain free muscles and joints as they consist of small movements that will teach your nervous system to move and use your muscles in the most efficient and effortless way possible.

To put it in a nutshell, they lead to more efficient and healthier movement patterns and elevate the awareness of your body. Of course this will not happen over night. Here, shortcuts just do not exist. Movement patterns and habits that established over years, mostly cannot be replaced by better ones in a couple of days or weeks. It takes time, but eventually your persistent practice will pay off!

The coordinative shoulder relaxation exercises are really the most effective ones when it comes to normalize muscular tension in the long run. On the other hand it is also more difficult to get the results as they demand a high level of focus and awareness. But I do not want to discourage you! You can do it, just take your time and practice.

Important Note

The success of both exercise types, but especially of the coordinative shoulder relaxation exercises, is highly dependent on your willingness to get yourself into it and on the focus with which you will execute the exercises itself and listen to your bodies reactions.

My Tip: Start with massage and then do coordinative exercises immediately afterwards. Through massage you create sensations in your body – e.g. after a shoulder massage it may feel lighter or warmer -. In other words, massage creates a higher awareness of the treated structure and thus makes it more responsive to the following coordinative shoulder relaxation exercises.

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