Stiff Neck And Neck Muscle Pain

Most of the times you can get rid of a stiff neck or neck muscle pain yourself. You just need the right tools.

On this page I will lead you my articles that discuss the causes of neck pain and teach you how to relieve it yourself.


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 General Information

In the vast majority it is excessive muscle tension that causes a painful neck and I will show you how to eliminate this tension. All you have to do, is to apply the self massage and relaxation techniques I will present to you in a minute.

Important Note: Strong pain in your neck does not always imply the presence of a severe injury. Muscular dysfunctions can create extreme pain that is often unrelated to injuries. BUT if your neck pain was caused by an accident or is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, I recommend to immediately visit a doctor. Those symptoms are rare but indicate life threatening conditions like a heart attack or broken neck vertebrae.

  • Pain, so extreme that you cannot bear it
  • Vertigo: You cannot sit, walk or stand upright
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Chest Pain
  • Tingling sensations in your left arm and/or hand

Stiffness or pain in your neck is a very annoying condition. Most of the times nothing really threatening, but still annoying. The symptoms can range from mild soreness in your neck to extreme discomfort and pain when turning it. You might be even forced to turn your whole body in order to look around as turning your head is just too painful.

This condition usually lasts for a couple of days up to weeks. During this time period, the symptoms and the pain usually decrease gradually and eventually disappear, until it hits you the next time!

But there is no need to wait that long. You are just about to learn how to get rid of it yourself.

Note: It is also quite common that neck pain is accompanied by headaches. This is because the tight muscles that cause your neck pain can irritate your nervous system and make your head ache. A reason more to work on it, isn't it?

Your upper trapezius muscle for example, which is involved in most neck complaints, can create headaches if it is too tight - right picture -.

Stiff Neck And Neck Muscle Pain Causes

So, what are the triggering factors that can make your neck stiff or leave it in pain? My next three articles will cover this topic. If you are pressed for time, feel free to skip them and immediately get started with your relief! But make sure to come back and read them as they will deepen your understanding why you might suffer from stiffness in your neck or neck muscle pain, and you will get a clue what not to do.

Stiff Neck And Neck Muscle Pain: Symptoms And Relief

(Stiff) Neck Pain Relief

The symptoms got already discussed above. Stiff neck and neck muscle pain relief builds on massage, relaxation and stretching. However, the most important part will be self massage, followed by relaxation. Stretching is also helpful and can, if performed correctly, support your relief quite a lot.

But now, click on the header above the picture to your left and get rid of your stiff neck and neck muscle pain!

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